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  • How to recruit trustees Work through this step-by-step process to recruit trustees. It covers identifying your needs, advertising the role, screening candidates and making the appointment.
  • How to write your scheme of delegation You're required to have a scheme of delegation that shows who does what in your trust's governance structure and you should review it annually. Follow our tips on what to include and what to consider when writing or reviewing your scheme. Learn how other trusts have written theirs.
  • Members of the trust: appointment, removal and resignation UpdatedHere's a run-down of the rules on appointing and removing members of academy trusts. You won't need to be involved yourself, but if you have a governance manager this will help them with any questions.
  • Members of the trust: roles and responsibilities Learn about the role members should play in your trust, and understand their key responsibilities.
  • Model articles of association: 2021 update summary The articles have been updated with some changes to be aware of. However, you'll only need to adopt them when the time comes to update your own articles of association. Get up to speed on what's changed.
  • Register of people with significant control You must have a register of people with significant control. Understand the requirements, see who counts as being a person with significant control and use our template register to help you stay compliant.