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  • Academy trust AGM: attendance and agenda We refer to the model articles of association and outline advice from our associate experts about who should attend annual general meetings (AGMs) and what the agenda should include.
  • Checks on trustees, members and local governors You must carry out specific checks on trustees, members and local governors when they join your trust, including DBS and section 128 checks. And, a newly appointed chair of trustees must complete a suitability check with the ESFA. Find out the checks you need to make across different roles.
  • Disqualification of trustees and local governors Learn what criteria determine the eligibility of trustees and local governors to hold office, and use our checklist when assessing new candidates.
  • Governance Handbook 2020: summary of changes NewThe Governance Handbook was updated on 8 October 2020. Read our summary to get up to speed on the key changes.
  • How to write your scheme of delegation UpdatedYou're required to have a scheme of delegation that shows who does what in your trust's governance structure. Follow our tips on what to include and what to consider when writing or reviewing your scheme. Learn how other trusts have written theirs.