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Our practical resources, how-to guides and compliance software can help members manage a small central team, monitor and communicate with schools across the trust, and navigate the uncharted territory of trust leadership.

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  • Ofsted 'summary evaluations' of MATs: explainer
    Summary evaluations are Ofsted's new approach to gathering findings about a trust. Find out what happens at each stage of the process and what will be expected of you and your leadership team.
  • Checks on trustees, members and local governors
    You must carry out specific checks on trustees, members and local governors when they join your trust, including DBS and section 128 checks. Find out the details of the specific checks you need to make across different roles.
  • Creating a school improvement framework for your MAT
    Here's how to create the environment in your MAT for driving school improvement. You'll learn what you need to determine as a central team, and how to involve each school in creating the improvement framework by sharing good practice and successful interventions.
  • What you need to publish on your trust website
    Be clear on what you’re required to publish online. Use our checklists to audit your trust website and your individual school websites. Make the most of your trust website with good practice suggestions for what else to publish.
  • GDPR: template record of processing activities
    Under the GDPR, you must record how you process the personal data you hold. Use our template and guidance to help you comply with this requirement now and on an ongoing basis in your MAT.
  • How to review your operating model: step 1
    Your operating model is vital to understanding what your MAT does and how it's doing it. Use our downloadable tools to help you kick-start your review, and follow our step-by-step guide to ensure you have the right model to deliver your educational support and administrative functions sustainably.
  • Deciding who should manage procurement in your trust
    You need to set the right level of delegation when it comes to procurement, based on what’s right for your trust. Use this guidance to help you decide how centralised your procurement should be, and how to delegate key tasks.