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  • Admission appeals Parents can appeal admissions decisions, and you're required to publish an appeals timetable on your website. Be clear on how the appeals process works, what you need to do to stay compliant, and how to handle appeals during temporary coronavirus regulations.
  • A guide to writing equality objectives You're required to set equality objectives as part of your duties under the public sector equality duty. Whether you're setting these for all your schools, or want your school to adopt different objectives, use our guide for a practical approach to writing them.
  • Coronavirus: changes to faith school admission arrangements You may need to seek a variation to your admission arrangements for the September 2021 intake due to coronavirus. Find out why you might need to do this, and how, so you can make sure parents are clear on your admission criteria.
  • How to set your admissions arrangements Admissions arrangements for September 2022 must be set by 28 February 2021. Find out how to set your admissions arrangements, who you must notify and the process for consulting.
  • Risk register: template and guidance You're required to maintain a risk register – but it's much more than an annual tick box exercise. Use our template and follow our guidance to stay on top of the risks facing your trust.
  • What you need to publish on your trust website Be clear on what you’re required to publish online. Use our checklists to audit your trust website and your individual school websites. Make the most of your trust website with good practice suggestions for what else to publish.