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  • Budget management in MATs Setting and managing budgets across the schools in your multi-academy trust (MAT) can be difficult. We look at how to do this effectively, including advice on effective delegation, conducting meetings, and budget forecasting.
  • Case study: how a 14-school trust set its top-slicing strategy Learn how one trust set its top-slicing strategy with a focus on investment. Get tips on designing the principles of your service, costing your investment plans and how to make this trust's approach work for you.
  • Case study: how a 6-school trust set its top-slicing strategy Learn how one trust set its top-slicing strategy, and get advice from an academy finance expert on how to make its approach work for you. Download the trust's service level agreement to see what central services it provides to its schools.
  • Financial benchmarking for multi-academy trusts (MATs) Effective financial benchmarking is harder for MATs than for standalone schools. Get expert advice on using internal and external benchmarking to improve your trust's financial health, and learn how to find trusts to benchmark against.
  • Fundraising and income generation We know that tight budgets are putting pressure on MATs. Get expert advice on how you can approach generating additional income, and how you can support your schools to do the same.
  • How to create cash flow forecasts Cash flow forecasts are required under the Academies Financial Handbook. We explain what you have to do to meet this requirement and link a template for you to use. Our extra tips will also make managing your cash flow forecasts easier.
  • How to develop your MAT income generation strategy Follow our step-by-step guide and use our templates to help you develop your trust’s income generation and fundraising strategy. You'll find trust and school-level templates.
  • Risk management strategies for MATs Creating a risk management strategy can help you manage potential future challenges. Read this article to see how multi-academy trusts (MATs) should write their strategy, including sections on financial risk, as well as examples of strategies you can use when making your own document.
  • 'View my financial insights' tool: summary The ESFA has created a new tool for monitoring your finances. Learn what it is and what you can use it for.