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  • Branding your MAT and schools Find out how to brand or re-brand your MAT and schools. Learn how to use branding to celebrate your individual schools and involve parents, staff and pupils, whilst keeping branding consistent across your trust.
  • Flowchart: making changes to an academy This flowchart summarises the process for changing the characteristics of one of your academies. If you want to change the age range of a school, for example, this is an overview of the process you'll need to go through.
  • How to make changes to your academies If you’re planning to make changes to your schools, such as changing your age range or moving to new premises, there's a process you must follow. Find out about the requirements, the process and how to follow it.
  • How to review your operating model: step 1 UpdatedYour operating model is vital to understanding what your trust does and how it's doing it. Use our downloadable tools to kick-start your review, and follow our step-by-step guide to ensure you have the right model to deliver your educational support and administrative functions sustainably.
  • How to review your operating model: step 2 UpdatedUse step 2 of our guide to help you create design principles. These principles should sit alongside your review and inform any changes you need to make to your operating model.
  • How to review your operating model: step 3 UpdatedIn step 3 of our guide you can download examples of trust structures based on design principles. Use them to think about how your trust structure might change according to the design principles you agreed in step 2.
  • How to review your operating model: step 4 Use our tips in this final step to support you with implementing the changes you've identified.
  • Leadership and governance structures of MATs Understand the requirements about how you structure the roles of leaders and governors in your trust with this article. We explain what the rules are, and what is up for you to decide.
  • Mixed MATs: guidance and examples Mixed MATs of faith and non-faith schools must follow certain rules. Understand what these rules are, and look at examples of how mixed MATs work in practice with this article.