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  • Collaborating with other schools Explore how your multi-academy trust (MAT) can collaborate with other trusts and maintained schools. We explain what sorts of partnerships you can form, and advise on how to set up these collaborations to ensure they’re worth your time.
  • Creating a school improvement framework for your MAT Here's how to create the environment in your MAT for driving school improvement. You'll learn what you need to determine as a central team, and how to involve each school in creating the improvement framework by sharing good practice and successful interventions.
  • How to deliver school improvement The improvement needs of each school are unique, but the process for delivering school improvement support is transferable across trusts. Here's how to get this process right, including 10 ways that effective MATs do it.
  • MAT strategic plans: template and guidance Use the template and advice in this article to get started with your trust’s strategic plan, and take a look at examples to see how other trusts have set out their plans and what they’ve included.
  • RSC tool for MAT self-evaluation Use the tool in this article to assess what stage of development your multi-academy trust (MAT) is at. You can also see an example of a completed MAT self-evaluation.
  • What does an effective MAT look like? Read our summary of what effective MATs tend to have in common, and next steps on how you can achieve this.